Have been on a course this week at work. Too busy to do it but it makes a nice change from my normal work activities.

Been riding to/from work every day this week so far - If the weather’s fine in the weekend, I might pop up and finish my Karapoti race. Bike seems OK so far.

Since the weight loss competition finished in Dec (losing 22Kg) - I’ve lost about another 5Kg.  Eating like crap - heaps of Coke, etc, but I’m managing to keep it off so far. I’m happy if junk food plus bike riding is good. :)

Have you sponsored Joshua and Ashleys fun run yet? See here for details


Joshua and Ashley are participating in this years school fun run for Upper Hutt School raising money for new playground equipment.


Sponsors: 21
Amount raised: $180

Sponsors have so far come from afar field as USA and UK!

Thanks heaps to all sponsors :)

Some photos of the run can be found here:

Due to the magic that is Googles streetview - I have found the following locations from Flight of the Conchords:

Bret and Jemaine’s apartment:

View Larger Map

Found the New Zealand consulate building:

View Larger Map

Dave’s pawn shop:

View Larger Map

After a couple of weeks of relatively crappy weather - the sun decided to come back and put on a cracker day.  I’m taking the liberty to blog sitting outside in the sun on the outdoor furniture under the sun-umbrella with a Coke.  Sweeet!!

This morning our lifeswitch decided to do some community service today - so we all bowled over to Koraunui School in Stokes Valley and did some gardening.  It was pretty cool.  Josh and Ashley helped and we spent about three hours there.

Joshua played cricket today - and got payer of the day for some excellent bowling.  He’s improved heaps in this area.

I went for a 30km bike ride today and tested out my new derailleur which broke during the karapoti mountain bike race last weekend.  Seemed to go OK so will probably start riding it to work again from next week.

My friends Pete and Bridget came around for tea again tonight - we had Wisconsin Burgers.  And talked about the old days.

Watched some of the NZ-India ODI cricket today - NZ won - emphatically - yaay

Watched some of the Warriors rugby league game today - they won too  :)  Tried explaining rugby league to an American - hit a brick wall.  :)

Watched Former Child Star on TV.  Had David Spade in it.  Crap movie - in fact I fell asleep watching it - but had lots of cameos in it which made it kinda interesting.

Once a week - on Fridays - a bunch of us at work have been trying to work through the ice-cream menu of cafe eis.  This week, it was Grand Marnier - not too shabby.

We’ll my printer crapped out again as predicted so it’s back at Harvey Norman for the 3rd time! - I asked for a replacement but their records say they’ve only had it in once.  Yeah right.  Apparently, it’s my fault they don’t keep proper records and Canon can’t fix this damn thing.  Arrrgh!

Cheryl (sister ‘n law) is up visiting from Nelson - so was nice to have her around for Coffee tonight.

Retro movie night tonight: The kids watched Annie and Natalie and I watched The Graduate.  I last saw it about 20 years ago so had forgotten a lot of it.  Natalie hadn’t seen it at all but it’s mocked in so many movies - I felt it had to be shown.   :)   Nat, it was 1967!  I was guessing late 70’s. (The DVD didn’t say)

Hoping Joshua will get some cricket in tomorrow - has been rained of the last couple of weeks - Looking fine so far.

Pete and Bridget (from USA) came around for tea.  I put on a BBQ with a spit roast lamb and a chicken.  Also had passionfruit pavalova for dessert.  Petes doing really well and as always, full of excellent stories and wierd trivia.

Joshua is doing really well at his piano - almost finished his Stage 1 and only had about 3 months of lessons.

Ashley went to play at a friends house today.  She is getting really good at talking on the phone to her friends.  Yesterday, she spent an hour on the phone.  Not bad for a 5 year old.

Rebecca is super crawler - she rockets around the house and into trouble - she like electrical wires,  mobile phones and remote controls.  Shes pulling herself up on things and standing there with just the one hand holding herself up most of the time - showoff.


These are the photos from my mountain bike race.

I fixed my bike tonight so will take it for a test drive hopefully tomorrow.

Watched the new US episode of Flight of the Conchords tonight.  They get an addiction to hair gel.

Season 2 has just started in NZ - only 8 weeks behind.  Released simultaneously with The Matrix on DVD (season2 episode 7 joke).  There was a good documentary on them beforehand though.

Karapoti organisers stuffed up my timing and recorded me as coming 7th out of over 800 riders when I didn’t even finish.  I did tell them I walked back due to broken bike but I’ll take it.  :)  I made sure I got a screen shot of the results before emailing them with the correction.  :)


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