Rode my bike home tonight - somewhat a bit darker due to daylight savings finishing.  Saw a guy on a motorbike hit a couch chair on the highway between Ngauranga and Petone.  He rolled about 30m and looks like may have just had a broken collar bone.  The chair was flung into the center lane and obstructing traffic so I pulled it off the road and had to give a witness statement to the cops.  Ambulance karted the poor guy off to hospital.  Appears the chair must have come off someones trailer.  It is not the first time a comfy chair has been used to torture someone.

I was thinking of going to the cricket today - and working via mobile broadband, but the weather wasn’t all that flash and our team kinda started to suck.  :)

In other news, Joshua got in trouble today again for not eating his lunch.  Rebecca fell over and got a bleeding nose.  Ashley fell off the top bunk and hurt her arm and back.  Ian broke a glass in our sink and cut his hand.

Realised I hadn’t published a pic of Rebecca for quite a while - so here ya go.  At McDonalds…

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