Well, another weekend has gone by.  I haven’t updated my blog for a while.  Been a bit busy (or lazy).

On Saturday, Joshua and Ashley had a sleepover at the gym they go to with about 50 other kids - they god to stay up until midnight, had midnight snacks, played games, built forts out of the gym equipment, etc.  They all had good fun.  Ashley initially didn’t want to stay (and has never spend a night away from us yes) but I wen’t down to pick her up and she was having so much fun she wanted to stay - so that was a big step for her.

I played bass guitar at lifeswitch today, spent the afternoon cleaning the house (in between watching the warriors and the blackcaps loose).  In the evening I stuck a chunk of lamb on the BBQ and spit roasted it - it turned our beautiful - one of the best I’ve done I reckon.

I bought some eggs for easter over the weekend - $45!.  That was only one each for the kids and a packet of marshmallows.  I thought this was supposed to be a recession, speaking of recession, I had a lot of people console me for loosing my job last weekend as I updated my facebook profile to “I got the chop today”.  However it was all cleared up when I explained it was only a haircut.

Last week, Joshua and Ashley chose a prize for their school fun run fundraising.  Joshua chose a handheld video game and Ashley, a swing ball set.  You can come to our house and play with them if you want.

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