Found out recently Joshuas been biffing his lunch away at school - not that he doesn’t like it we believe - just he’s too eager to go and play.  Anyway - he did it again today - so we’re trying to come up with a suitable punishment.  Bit of a sticky one really - was thinking of giving him boring lunches - but then he’ll just throw it away again we’re guessing.  The teachers got her eye on him though.  :)

Joshua is doing great at his piano however and is onto level 2 already.  Rebecca is almost walking - can do it if we hold her hand.  Ashley is getting good at reading and math.

I biked home from work today - nice ride in the end - clear blue sky and light wind - was horrible weather this morning.

And I actually got some things done at work today - very little interruption which was very surprising.  Hoping for the same tomorrow.

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