Thought I would update this again.  I’ve got absolutely no news but am feeling guilty about not updating it for so long. Spare room is still coming along nicely.  Ian is helping us with it.  I made a number of holes in the wall last week to re-route some wiring and patched them up again.  It looks like insurance is going to pay for our hall re-wallpaper due to a bit of water damage.

We are making a small modification to our lounge that Dave is doing for us.  It should be finished next week.  When we’ve finished with the bedroom and hall, we’ll do something with our lounge.

The weather has been pretty wild lately around here.  There were two hour delays getting home last night to most places because of some landslips on the motorway. There was also some major flooding in the road next to ours.  We live on a hillside so missed the flooding and we managed to avoid most of the traffic coming home.

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