An abundance of pink groceries were bought today for Rebeccas themed party in the weekend.

Joshua had a friend from school today come over and play which was nice. Spent most of the time on the playstation.

Very busy at work at the moment - trying to recruit new staff - Sorted out a couple of major long term annoyances today so hopefully tomorrow will be a little quieter.

I biked 65Km today - looks like the tyres are finally holding up after a couple of flats. Pretty windy on the way home today - probably added an extra 15 mins to the journey.

Looking forward to the long weekend, we’ve got Rebeccas party and taking the family out to a show.



Natalie has started to seriously look at flight to the UK for her cousins wedding. Got a few options so far so is probably just pending some space on the credit card. :)
Weather held off long enough for me to bike home from work. Only managed it twice last week. I had a couple of pneumatic malfunctions last week - got a puncture - fixed it - didn’t inflate properly and got another one the next time I rode after I hit a curbside too hard. :)
If you know of any cheap UK flights - let me know. :)

Rebecca turned 1 today - but has a party this weekend. She got some clothes and a jigsaw puzzle - more to come at the party. She’s still not crawling yet, only freestanding. She has a new tooth though - so that makes 5. Recently learned the ‘m’ sound so can now say mum with great regularity.

We had a water pipe burst under the house today - got it fixed so are now just waiting on the bill to arrive in the mail. :(
It’s a long weekend this weekend which should be cool. Hopefully wont have to work (much). Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.