Well I made a good start to the day by biking to work, and it all went downhill from there:
Breakfast: Glass of water - well, I was in a hurry alright?
Lunch: Chicken Tikka Masala and Coke
Dinner: Burger Fuel and Coke
Snacks at the Cricket: Pringles, M&M’s and jelly snakes
Second Dinner (yes, you heard right!): Hells pizza and Coke

So my energy intake today was enough for a small third world country - now I just need a exercise for a week to burn it off.

Brendon McCullum forces one through the off side, New Zealand v India, 2nd Twenty20 international, Wellington, February 27, 2009

I went to the cricket tonight with my brother Kieran.  NZ vs India 20/20.  Had heaps of fun - Purposely sat in the middle of a whole heap of Indian cricket hoolagans.  NZ won by a nose on the last ball.  The NZ breakers basketball lost their game so are out of the playoffs.  I didn’t watch it as I was at the cricket.  The Hurricanes beat the Crusaders though.

It’s the last day of our bike competition tomorrow - Been going a month and so far I have done 544Km - If the weather holds I should get some more in tomorrow but it’s expected to rain so not looking too hopeful.

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