Had to send Natalie back to work as she spent a lot of money on shoes in the weekend.  :)  She’s liking it heaps event though it does mean about two dozen ‘drop w off at x and pick y up from z’ stops a day to make it all work.

My work is getting insane at the moment.  Somethings gotta give or I will snap and go postal soon (hey there’s even a wiki entry for this - fantastic).

Been doing a bit of quasi-dieting at the moment - Eating normally, just not snacking (much) + exercising.  Now at the lightest I’ve been in ~15 years.  About 1Kg less than the weigh in at the end of our biggest loser competition at work.

EPOCH time is a Unix time format measuring the number of seconds since the year 1970.  This Friday the 13th (GMT), it will be 1234567890.  This only happens once and a lot of crazy sandle wearing conspiracy theorists are predicting the end of the world.  In New Zealand, it will be Saturday 14th at 12:31pm.  Remember this while you’re having a nice lunch, it could be your last.

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