Poor kids have to go back to school tomorrow.   Remember doing that?  How cruel.  Natalie came into town today with the kids and we had lunch together and played at the park.  They are both looking forward to starting school again.  They’ll soon learn the error of their ways.

I missed my train today - bummer - as I was trying to finish some stuff at work.  Oh the dedication.  :)

Went for another bike ride - did my usual 30Km circuit.  Took me about 65 mins which I don’t think is too bad for a nobbly tyre’d mountain bike and bit of a climb in it.  Trying to get it under 60 but had a bit of a headwind most of the way tonight.

Watched another Flight of the Conchords tonight.  Bret does a rap song and decides to start a gang to protect himself from other rap gangstas.  Some very clever humour in there.  I love it.

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