Went for another 30Km bike ride tonight - I bought a backpack than can carry my laptop in relative safety so I might try and bike home from work tomorrow. Very apt on bike to work day but purely a co-incidence. (My backpack only arrived today (from trademe), so I tested it tonight by carting it over the hills. Still boots. :)  )

Had a couple of nasty problems at work today so that pretty much trashed my day. Will start again tomorrow.

Nice and sunny today - had KFC for lunch - somehow still managing to loose weght. Must be work stress :)

Hey, you can see how I’m going in the bike wise bike battle by viewing my profile here. I’m not going out of my way or anything - just doing casual fitness rides every couple of days. If my riding to/from work happens regularly, this should pick up a bit. :)

Sony Ericsson are soon to realease a phone with a built in 12 megapixel camera.  That rivals most top end cameras available.  A bit skeptical about the lens they will use - probably a $2 piece of plastic for that hazy camera phone effect.  :)

Well the kids are settling in at their new school well.  Doing lots of really good work.  I drop them off at school on the mornings Nat works and then I work later.  Rebecca is quite the crawler.  She is loving being mobile and getting to the things she wants (this is usually the cat or my speaker wiring).

I had to work tonight (fom home) - To make sure ~600 software apps got installed correctly for one of my customers at short notice. 

We watched the next Flight of the Conchords - Jemaine is worried he has feelings for an Australian.  Very funny.  Fears what his kids might turn out like. (fair enough)

Spent a couple of hours last night practicing and sorting out my music for my playing at lifeswitch today.  At lifeswitch from 8-12.  Home, eat lunch, practice again from 2-3 and then back to lifeswitch from 3 until 7pm.  So playing today consisted of around 11 hours!  An exhausing but fun day and topped it off with a 30Km bike ride.  :)

Joshua and Ashley went to the British car show with my mum and brother today.

Finally managed to get out on the bike again.  I did 50Km.

Josh had cricket this morning and hit is first 6 (and two fours).  He got a total of 20 runs.  Not bad for two overs!

We had pork steaks on the BBQ for tea and my famous roast potatoes.  ’twas de-lish!

I watched the cricket last night, looked like we had it in the bag before the rain came and called it a draw.  Fun watching NZ hit the Aussies around the park though.

Bought some stuff from the supermarket last night to make my lunch but left it in the fridge.   Doh!  This led to a bad food day.  James (my workmate) shouted me a beef vindaloo and Fred (my other workmate) shouted me a gellato.  Where’s the will power?  Looks like I’ll have to put in some Km’s on the bike tomorrow.

Met Naleen for lunch today and caught up over some Malaysian fried food.  I watched another episode of Flight of the Conchords, went shopping at the supermarket and spent the evening watching trashy TV and fixing the kids broken and/or battery depleted toys.

Been very busy at work today trying to get a whole heap of stuff done (in fact - am still working now).  Natalie has enjoyed being back at work (part-time) and Rebecca is doing fine at her childcare.

Can’t think of anything else to write here at the mo.  My life is too boring.  :)

Rebecca is crawling (just).  Yaay.   She’s pretty slow at the moment and probably wouldn’t win in a race against a glacial advance, but she does move forward.  She enjoys collecting keys and sunglasses.

Well if there was ever an excuse to not go for a bike ride, “because it’s raining” would be it.  I don’t mind so much if it starts after I’ve left but can never be bothered riding in the rain on purpose.  Night in tonight watching NZ get beaten in the cricket.

I made my blackberry ice cream last night - is completely awesome.  The kids like it and are finally eating their fruit :)

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