Rain prevented Joshua playing cricket today and the Summer Carnival being held in the park next to us.  I bundled the kids in the car to play indoor glow in the dark mini-golf.  Got out some kids DVD’s - had a granny nap and went out with the in-laws to Marys birthday dinner at Silverspoon.  My mum and dad babysat so it was nice to be kid-free for a while.  The meals were nice but they took a long time to serve and I got some ‘woody’ chicken they had to re-do.  :)

Well I made a good start to the day by biking to work, and it all went downhill from there:
Breakfast: Glass of water - well, I was in a hurry alright?
Lunch: Chicken Tikka Masala and Coke
Dinner: Burger Fuel and Coke
Snacks at the Cricket: Pringles, M&M’s and jelly snakes
Second Dinner (yes, you heard right!): Hells pizza and Coke

So my energy intake today was enough for a small third world country - now I just need a exercise for a week to burn it off.

Brendon McCullum forces one through the off side, New Zealand v India, 2nd Twenty20 international, Wellington, February 27, 2009

I went to the cricket tonight with my brother Kieran.  NZ vs India 20/20.  Had heaps of fun - Purposely sat in the middle of a whole heap of Indian cricket hoolagans.  NZ won by a nose on the last ball.  The NZ breakers basketball lost their game so are out of the playoffs.  I didn’t watch it as I was at the cricket.  The Hurricanes beat the Crusaders though.

It’s the last day of our bike competition tomorrow - Been going a month and so far I have done 544Km - If the weather holds I should get some more in tomorrow but it’s expected to rain so not looking too hopeful.

Rode home from work today again - Only takes about an hour.  Less than it would take me if I were to get the train.  Will hopefully ride in tomorrow morning too.   Made my famous scrambled eggs for dinner.

India cricket team are touring NZ.  I watched the twenty/20 match last night and NZ won.  Lots of big hitting which was nice.  I might try and go to the one in Wellington on Friday.

I also watched the NZ Breakers play in their ANBL semi-final.  They lost but have got another game on Friday so hopefully they’ll turn things arounds.  In a strange turn of events, the maori TV channel own the rights to cover the breakers games.  They decided to put it on their 100% maori language channel and commentry it in maori only.  Yeah - like that’s gonna ‘raise awareness’ and appreciation of the language.  I tuned the reveiver into radio sport and got it simulcast in English while watching the picure only from the maori channel.  All it means is they miss out on huge advertising revenues I suppose.  Good one whoever thought of that.  :)

This tunnel is a massive installation of 41,000 LEDs syncronised by computer to play random patterns that never repeat.  It is in Washington DC National Art gallery.  Check out the video on this page.

ipod_bouncerFound an ipod compatible baby bouncer - rocks/vibrates to the music.  The height of laziness / geeks are parents too I suppose.  :) 

A small sign of common sense from the government - The stupid Internet copyright law has been delayed for a month  - Hopefully, it’ll eventually be completely trashed and re-written to become something that’s enforcable and more in line with the other legislation in our legal system.

I rode home from work today - just as well - the trains were 30 mins late and there was a massive snarl up on the motorway.  I rode past a car that was overturned on it’s roof that obviously hadn’t been there for very long.  Think the delays was caused by rubbernecking.

Not bad for a 6 year old.  We went on the bike the trail ride today and Joshua rode it easily.  We are very proud of him.  Only had to stop a couple of times.   Next time I’ll make him ride back too.  :)

Rebecca is starting to pull herself up on things and looking dangerous.  :)  Very cute watching her try and co-ordinate everything though.

Today was rainy crappy weather and I thought it would be an ‘inside’ day, but it soon turned and cleared up mid-morning.  I hopped on the bike in the afternoon and did a 50Km ride with about 20Km of trail riding.  A bit soggy up on the hills and one of the tracks I was riding down was more like a stream at one point.

Ian and Mary came around a bit later and we watched a movie.

Tomorrow I’m going to go on a bike ride with Josh.  Probably wont be 50Km though.

Today I biked home from work - That’s Wellington to Upper Hutt.  Surprised it takes me about the same amount of time as getting the train and then walking at each end.  Am going to attempt biking in tomorrow if the weather is OK (I refuse to bike in the rain - or threat of it). 

Joshua and Ashley took their bikes to school today for bike day.  They had bicycle races and givewaways and things.  Joshua told me he won the slow race where they were out if they put their foot down.

I’m a bit frustrated with my printer at the moment.  It keeps giving crappy prints and I have to do a head clean beforehand to get a good one.  I’ve taken it back twice and we got it back yesterday saying they used the ‘deep clean’ function.  This is a function in the maintenance menu.  I already tried that (and told them) Duh!  So they’ve done nothing.  It’ll be going back a third time as soon as it does it again.  So far I’ve used all my ink just printing test prints though - so not too happy.

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. CreativeFreedom.org.nz is against this unjust law - help us

I am very concerned about the changes proposed to Section 92a and c of the Copyright Amendment Act in that, although it has a well intended purpose, it completely undermines a basic human right to be innocence until proven guilty.

The changes will force ISP’s to remove services from anyone suspected of breaking copyright law, without evidence and without trial.

The change proposed will do nothing to prevent piracy as offenders may join another ISP, use fake details or move residence to continue offending. They can also continue to download copyright material, completely undetected, through using secure encrypted connections (VPN, etc). Disallowing Internet access will also penalise innocent parties (other members of a household) that may not have been aware of the offenders’ actions.

The Internet is more and more becoming an essential service and I see this as paramount to legislating that power companies monitor electricity usage, investigate abnormalities and cut off services to those who they suspect may be running a p lab or hydroponic operation; Councils cutting off water to a household because they suspect they are watering some weed; Banks closing accounts because of something suspicious (without police involvement).

NZ already has a system established that deals with those that break the law, it is called the Police and court system. I believe this legislation has been purposely written to prevent copyright infringement coming through the courts. Maybe to save a few $$$ in admin and legal costs, but at what cost to our rights? Is this China?

I also fear the ISP’s will pass the cost of providing this ‘policing’ onto customers at a time when New Zealand needs to reduce it’s broadband charges.

I agree something needs to be done in regards to piracy. BUT THIS IS NOT IT!


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