img_8946_edited_smallIt is Kierans (my brother) and my Dads birthday today.  They were’nt born on the same day, my brother was slightly later but nevertheless, they share the same birthday.  We had a BBQ around at Kierans house and it was a cracker of a day, hit 33 deg C in Upper Hutt today.  img_8949_edited_smallWe played some backyard cricket and the kids had a water fight.  Kristina (Kierans wife), made an awesome chocolate cake.

Joshua played cricket this morning (lost by 3 runs).  Ashley went to Gymnastics (no broken bones). 

img_8974_edited_smallimg_9009_edited_smallWe all went out later in the evening to a outdoor concert at the Wellington Botanic Gardens It was packed. 

They have lit up all the shrubbery and it looks pretty cool.   I took some photos of the kids.



So busy day and everyone got really exhausted.


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