I hit the road on the bike again today and chalked up another 50Km.  5 mins slower than the last time I did it but the wind was a little greater.

We had a BBQ tonight with steak, kransky and corn on the cobb.  Also fresh potatoes and lettuce salad.  Kids made a huge mess but luckily we were outside on our outdoor furniture so we just get to hose it down later.  :)

We had to buy something with some expiring flybuys points today - so we got that buzz game.  We chose the movie trivia version.

Some slimball threw out kerbside recycling all over the road last night.   It was just sitting there minding it’s own business and then it gets one, right in the sack.  It must have been a very insensitive person.   You could drive along the road and see all the junk food we’ve eaten recently.  The nice rubbish collectors picked it up for us though.  :)

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