I signed up for the Karapoti mountain bike race today.  Was hoping to do the 50km ride but was full so will to the 20Km.  Probably a good idea anyway as I know someone who took about nine hours to do the 50Km.  :)

Joshua is 6 and late last year started piano lessons, He’s only done a few but has been practising heaps over the holidays and is playing really well.  He even wrote his own song the other day and he keeps trying to find new chords and things.  Natalie and I are very proud of how he is doing.

I have a mountain of work to do at work at the moment - most, a hang over from last year.  I got quite a few done today which is a good feeling - as opposed to it endlessly mounting.

Another nice hot day here in Wellington.  If only I had a beach.

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