It was a regional public holiday today, being Wellington Anniversary.  We spent the morning at H2O Xtream this morning.  Rebecca went for her first real swim outside of the bath and loved it so I guess we’ll be back there soon.

Joshua at the Cricket

I took Josh to the cricket today.  Wellington lost but it was very nice lazing in the sun.  It’s the first real game Josh has been to.  He does play in a team and we tried to go once before but it got rained out.  He had loads of fun collecting players signatures, getting high on sugar and learning some of the rules and scoring he hasn’t seen before.  He also seemed amused as to why so many people were buying that brown liquid.

Joshua lost another tooth today (that lower left one in the photo is on it’s last hotdog), it was his second one in a couple of months.  Hopefully the global recession hasn’t hit the tooth fairy too hard. Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.