I love catching up with old friends - caught up with James Foster today who I haven’t seen for years.  Shared stories of the old days over a hot chicken tikka masala.  He is doing well and living back in Tauranga.

We (just the fam)  had dinner at Hogs Breath cafe tonight.  I like their steaks and the kids like going there.  We came away very full.

Joshua and Ashley start school again soon and they required about a million dollars worth of stationery for the year.  After extending the mortgage and buying it all, we then had to cover it, label it, sort it, pack it - so is good to get all that done.  Did you know, you now have to buy such things a box of tissues for the classroom, whiteboard markers for the teacher, their own glue sticks (6)  and own crayons.?  In my day….     :)

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