First day we’ve had all our team back at work since Christmas today.  Good catching up with everyone.  Tracey is a grandma as of last Thursday.

I had a wickedly hot chilli hot chocolate from schoc today - I love spicy food (including hot vindaloos, pepper sauces and hot english mustards) but this thing blew me away and I struggled to finish it.  Wonedring if they made it wrong or it is normally this hot.  Some guys from work volunteered to go and get one tomorrow so we’ll see.

All things going we’ll, I’m meeting with an old friend for lunch tomorrow, so this will be good.  I’ve got a million things lined up already to do this week at work.  Long weekend this week will be good (Wellington anniversary).  I haven’t had a holiday for at least 3 days. Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.