OK, so I missed one day (blogging) but that’s just nit-picking.

Things pretty busy at work - still playing catch-up.  Managed coffee with Graham today - haven’t seen him for a long time.  I payed this time.  Actually it was hot-chocolates but it sounds more civilised if I say coffee.

Tracey is my boss at work - she is becoming a granny in the next day or so - all things going well.

Today I bought a new USB hub today as my other one died.  I also discovered you cannot buy any piano tuning equipment from any retailers in Wellington.  Our piano needs tuning so I’m gonna have a go at doing it myself.  Rather that than pay ‘the man’.  I’ll probably screw it up and have to talk nice to ‘the man’ to fix it.  Looks like Ebay will have to be it.

I’m having Friday off work - so looking forward to that.  Will probably do something with Joshua (son).  We’re also having a BBQ on Saturday with some friends so I’ll try and post some photos from that.

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