Things have been busy around here lately, due to the new arrival last week (Ashley).  I had hoped to have pictures of her available sooner but had some problems updating my site and very little (awake) time to correct it so it became a bit lower down my priority list than I had hoped. Anyway, technical problems aside, I’m really enjoying being a dad a second time.  Natalie and I psyched ourselves up for an exhausting-to-point-of-near-death first few weeks of having a new born and a toddler to cope with, but surprisingly, it isn’t all that bad (so far).  Ashley is sleeping well and Joshua just loves her, so he is very considerate when we have to spend time ’servicing’ her.

Natalie has also recovered well from her caesarean, in fact quicker than her ’semi-natural’ birth with Joshua.

I took Ashley out to a pub today at lunchtime (leaving meal for a workmate) and she just slept.  It was great. Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.