Well it’s been a long time coming but finally got around to updating this thing.  Biggest news is Natalie got knocked up again.  That’s right!  Number 2 is on the way.  Due mid-September.  We will publish photos here as soon as we have some.

Also Natalie and I started a webhosting business.  Check out our pricing and sign up! (shameless plug)


Natalie and I have new EMail addresses:  kent@smithnz.deletethisbit.com and natalie@smithnz.deletethisbit.com.  Our old ones will still work for a while though and we have them forwarding to our new addresses.

Been watching quite a bit of the cricket world cup lately.  NZ got beaten.  5th out of 14 countries ain’t too bad I suppose.

Joshua is now just over 10 months old.  He can say dadda, mumma and nana.  He just got his second tooth this week.  He can stand on his own when he isn’t thinking about it and can walk around holding onto furniture.

Hamish and Cheryl bought a house in Upper Hutt.

Aidan is back from UK.

Kieran and Kristina finally got engaged.

Ian has finished his job at New Zealand Used.

Janet got married.   There is a website with her photos on here: http://polglase.ezikiwi.com

Geoff and Catherine just had their second baby.

Tony and Kathryn just had their third baby.

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