Hello again.  I’ve finally managed to sort out my website, so I am hoping to spend a bit more time on it now.  I will now be able to add a lot more pictures.  I am also hoping to redesign it a bit and make it a bit quicker.  I ran out of space with my original webhost, I found a replacement but it started serving pornsites in their advertising banners.  Hopefully the new one will be OK. Turning 30 in November.  Party is being planned.  If you know me and haven’t received an invite yet, let me know and I’ll get one to you.

I went to Sydney for the first time a couple of weeks ago for work.  I was there for five days and caught up with Janet.  I took some photos, I’ll post a few here soon.  I spent lots of money shopping and got told off when I got home.  :)

Our lounge finally got finished.  Looking back through here, we started it in about November last year.  Almost 12 months?  Sounds like how long it took me to paint our chimney.  I’ll post some photos here soon perhaps.

Joshua is almost six months old now.  He is now on solid food, he rolls over and sits up by himself.  We have lost count of the number of nappies.  I have some more photos which will be posted here soon.

Thats all for now.  Check back for the photos.  Should be in the next few days.

Cheryl and Hamish sold their house.  They sold it privately by putting an ad in the Trade and Exchange would you believe?  They are planning on moving to Auckland. My dad retired a couple of months ago from TranzRail.

Lianne has bought a house with her boyfriend Mike in Wadestown.

Aidan is working in London at the bodyworlds exhibition.  No, it is not a fitness centre, it is an exhibition of dead bodies.  Coool.  Aidan can walk around and whisper “I see dead people” without white coated men shoving him in the back of a van.

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