Well, I’ve been off sick for the last few days with the flu.  A bit nasty, I hope you don’t catch anything by reading this. That’s about it.  Bye.

Apologies for not updating this more often.  Been busy lately as you might understand.   I’ve just finished installing some downlights in my lounge (last week).  All 18 of them!  Remote controlled of course.  Aidan will be pleased.

My new server is a bit dodgey.  I might have to find a new one.  Sorry if you get some junk pop up windows when you click on some of the pictures.

I have some more photos of Joshua to publish soon.  I just have to edit some of them a bit.  Check back in a couple of days.

Joshua is regularly smiling and baby talking now.  He’s so cute.  It’s the other end I worry about.  We changed nappy #500 the other day!

I’ve had some requests to add some pictures of Oliver, our cat.  I’ll see if I can do this within the next week or two.

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