Today’s the babys’ due date.  Still not here yet.  I could have guessed it would be late if it’s anything like me.  I have created a webpage for the baby and will update it when it has arrived.  Nothing much on it yet, but you can keep checking it for developments. It’s been a while since I updated this page.  I’ve been very busy lately at home and at work as you might have guessed.

We stripped off all the wallpaper from our living/dining room and paid a designer to choose some wallpaper and curtains for us, as to avoid arguments.  :)  We’re now just waiting for a plaster to come and the lighting to be installed before we wallpaper.

My photos and article about Cheryl and Hamish’s firewood delivery gone wrong made it into a couple of local papers.

Nat and I have been to a couple of good restaurants lately.  We like Lonestar (there is one in Wellington now) and Eden.

A friend of ours from church, Grant Kelly was tragically killed a couple of weeks ago in a car accident in Canada.  He was 22.  Grant went out with Janet for a while, so we saw him quite a bit when Janet was living with us.  Grant was with us when we deep fried stuff, including a mince and cheese pie once. Katrina and Brian recently sent us a video of them in the UK.  It included footage of Brian mowing a really BIG lawn.  It was great to see them again.

Lianne recently moved into Wadestown with her boyfriend, Mike.

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