p2002I attended (Natalie stayed at home) the Parachute Music Fesival in Matamata last weekend.  It was good but not as good as previous years.  It looks like after growing every year they have hit their peak.  I think less people attended (about 21000) also.  The band I liked the best was Delirious, they are awesome live. I wasn’t going to go until about a week beforehand because Hamish needed someone to drive a van to take his youth group.

Well worth it though.  

It’s been almost a month since the last update.  I’ve re-built my PC so it’s taken a while to get everything back on it again. The weather here has not improved much however we have had a few sunny days in row over the last few days.  Will we get a summer?

Lord of the Rings was an excellent movie, I was expecting the sound to be a bit better mixed or reproduced than it was at the Embassy theatre.   I found some of the dialog was lost in the effects.  Good on PJ though. 

For new years eve, we just watched a movie at our place with some friends.

Last weekend was a public holiday here.  Wellington Anniversary day.   Natalie and I went to Palmerston North and Taupo for the weekend.  In Palmerston North we stayed at one of our regular places, Aubyn Court Motorlodge, it’s very nice and we highly recommend it.  In Taupo, we stayed at the Sahara Lakeside Motel, it had a nice view and was close to town, but apart from that I think I’ll avoid it in the future.

We’ve been discussing renouvating our living room/dining room recently.  We have made some progress and we are hoping to have it completed by April.  We haven’t started yet though.  DOH!

Janet has gone back to Aussie.  She sounds like she is going to settle down over there for a while.  Get a job, etc. Angela and Jason had their baby last week.  It was a few weeks early but is doing well.  A boy called Thomas David at 9 pounds if I remember rightly.

Brett and his wife Rachel are back in NZ (from the USA) for a month or so with their baby boy Jesse.  We attended his first birthday party at Bretts’ parents house a few weeks ago.

NZ beat Aussie in the cricket a couple of times.  Let’s hope they can keep on doing it.

Geoff and Catherine’s boy Jonathon also had his first birthday a few weeks ago which we attended.

Hamish and Cheryl’s dog Jack won some prizes in a dog show in Carterton last week.  He won best boxer, best overall puppy and almost won best overall dog I believe. 

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