Cheryl and Hamish are doing a bit of renovating at the moment too.  They just got a new lounge suite.  Their border (Chris) has moved out. I heard David Dawber just got a job in the UK.  Apparently it’s a bit difficult finding jobs over there at the moment.  Brian also recently got one too.

Merry Christmas and all that stuff. The weather here has been absolutely terrible so far.  It’s supposed to be our summer but most of it is cold and raining.   I have been putting up my Christmas lights, but gave up before displaying them all.  The house and the garage are covered but I was going to do a few bushes this year.  I gave up due to the weather.

Last week, I went to watch people arriving at the Lord of the Rings premiere here.  Awesome event (15000-20000 people) and I will be seeing the movie tonight.  I managed to get an autograph from Peter Jackson so I was quite pleased and was very lucky.  If you’re in Wellington, make sure you see it at the Embassy theatre.  This movie was pretty much made to be shown at this theatre and has the best screen and sound.

Christmas went quite well.  We managed to squeeze in two Christmas dinners including my mums’ killer trifle.  On Boxing Day, we went to Andrea and Harleys place for a barbeque.

Over the last few days shopping and for Christmas, we have been getting lots of exciting baby stuff.  Natalie and I can feel it kick now.

Katrina and Brian have left NZ and arrived in the UK.  We got a EMail from them today and they are doing well. Tony and Kathryn are in Auckland and has got an EMail address now so have been chatting about foam products!  If you want his EMail address, contact me.

Geoff has been upset that he is not in my Peopleography.  I told him he hasn’t provided me with any descent Goss so he doesn’t get a mention.  I also told him to read my disclaimer on the Peopleography page.

Janet is back.  She had tea (evening meal) with us last night.  Looked though all her photos and had a big catch up chat. Since the last update, we’ve been a bit busy around the house.  We’ve almost completed turning the spare room into a babys’ room.  Our hallway has been repainted and wallpapered by the Insurance Company.  I finished painting the chimneyDave finished our lounge/living room modification.  I sold the Piano.  I started putting up my Christmas lights.  Yes, it’s all go at the moment.  It’s hard to find time to sleep.

Some more big news is I’m becoming an uncle.  Cheryl and Hamish have one in the oven too.  About 2 months after Natalie is due (Apr 27 2002).  It should be an exciting time.

Christmas shopping is going well.  Two presents to go I think.

Natalie had her fist scan last week, everything is looking good.  I might even put up a couple of photos here soon.

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