James and Marina Foster have move to Christchurch with James’ new job.

Well lots of things are happening here at the moment.  I have Natalie, my mother and Natalie’s mother both franticly knitting for the new baby.  You would think it is due next week the rate they are going at it.  Natalie has been pretty good so far with morning sickness and all that, it only seemed to affect her for one week although she was a bit dodgy today. We’ll, with the new baby expecting we went and bought a digital camera last weekend so you should see a lot more photos on my site in the future.  Hopefully I will manage to avoid them all.  I previously had to borrow a camera from my brother.

We also started stripping the wallpaper off the walls in one of the bedrooms and bought some wallpaper.  If you’ve been to our house, it is the smaller bedroom at the end of the hall.  We chose a plain yellow textured paper and will have a colourful freeze of some kids toys around it.

We just had a public holiday in NZ last weekend (Labour Weekend).  Apart from a bit of shopping (see above) we didn’t do much.  My friend Tony and Kathryn Pyne came down from Te Puke so we had lunch and spent the afternoon with them and Lisa Donaldson at our house on Sunday.  On Monday night Tony and I got together with Shayne Peyroux and some others, we played Risk (board game).  It was great to catch up with everyone.  I lost by the way.

Hamish has a photo in this weeks Independent Herald (local paper) because of his new job as Youth Pastor at the Sally Army church in Johnsonville. Janet sounds like she might come back in December (but only for a couple of months).

Tony and Kathryn are moving to Auckland from Te Puke because of a great sounding job offer from Vita Foam.  Tony previously worked for Fonterra (previously Anchor).

Cheryl and Hamish spent last weekend in Christchurch at a church conference. I helped Aidan put his CV online.  You can have a look here, I hope he doesn’t mind.

My wife Natalie is pregnant.  Yaay!  It will be our first.  She is due on April 27 2002.  We were a bit worried for a while, we thought it was hamburgers.  :)We will welcome all name suggestions submitted via my guestbook.  Osama was suggested as a good name for a boy or a girl, we are still deciding.

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