Cheryl and Hamish just got a new boxer puppy (number 2!).  They have named him Jack. Janet looks set to stay in Aussie.  We’re trying to convince her to come back.  “JANET COME BACK!”  <- That should do it I think.

I going to help Aidan with his website.  He wants to upload his CV.

We had a bit of a family dinner last night.  Carolyn and Nevin (Wifes cousin and newly wed husband), Cheryl and Hamish (Brother and Sister ‘n law) and Mary and Ian (Mother and Father ‘n law).  Excellent to catch up with everyone.  Nice food (Lasagne and Pavalova).  Mmmmmmm.

In about one week, I will be making a special announcement here, so watch out for it!

I worked again last weekend but had to back it out because I had a problem with the RAID controller.  I’ll probably have to re-do again it this or next weekend.

I was forced to mow the lawns last weekend.  The first time since about March I think.  They just haven’t grown much.  I must concrete them one day.

Car tyres are a bit bald.  I’ll have to buy some more soon.

Oliver just had his birthday.  He is 2 now.  We bought him some special pet food for him to eat.  There was many-a-purring of contentment that day I can tell you.

Once again… please sign my guest book.  No-one has signed it yet so I’m feeling a bit worthless.  Surely someone reads this dribble.  My web counter goes up anyway.

Hamish has started his new job.  He is a Assistant Pastor (I think) at the Johnsonville Salvation Army.  He is doing quite a bit with the youth there. Haven’t heard too much from Janet.  Hopefully she will come home soon.

James Foster came down for a few days and stayed with us for one night.  

Aidan came back but haven’t seen too much of him.  Too much clubbing.

Jane fell off a horse last week and broke her arm in two places.  Ouch!

Mandy got a new job in Wadestown.

Angela and Jason moved into their new house last weekend.

Almost two months and no updates!  What a lazy bugger.  We’ll, I’ll try and remember what’s been going on. Firstly, please sign my guest book.  If you don’t know me, just drop a note to say hi.  Tell me what you like or don’t like about my site or whatever you want.  If you do know me, I love catching up with old friends (primary school, secondary school, CIT, church, old work colleagues or acquaintances) especially if you still owe me money.  :)  If you’re lucky, I might even add you to our Christmas card list, so please don’t be shy.  My guest book is hosted on another site because I got sick of waiting for my web host to allow server side scripting.

My Trademe auctions didn’t do too badly.  I sold a lot of stuff I haven’t used in a while.  I’ll still have the odd thing for sale now and then, but you’ll have to keep checking.  Click here to see if I have any auctions.

Still doing lots at work and in my spare time been playing with my new toy.  Again, if you want to know what it is, EMail me or come and visit me.  I’ll give you a hint… it involves watching lots of sport (and the wife loves it - almost).

In about one month, I will be making a special announcement here, so watch out for it!

The tax department (IRD) have been hunting me down because I owed them some cash (about NZ$400) even though they issued me refunds every year - so figure that one out.  I paid them, so have been allowed to live again until next year.

Been watching that World Trade Centre thingy on TV.  What a looney thing to happen.

I finally went to see Shrek.  Excellent movie.  I loved the birds’ eggs bit, and the animal balloons.  Now, what does that say about my personality?  :)  Excellent computer animation as well.  Where’s my cat gone?

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