I’m still selling some stuff on Trademe at the moment, if you want to buy anything from me, you’ll have to bid on it.  Click here to see my auctions. Our new addition arrived safely and is now consuming most of my time (no it’s not a baby).  If you want to know what it is you’ll have to EMail me or come and visit.

I’ve been working heaps lately, in fact this weekend was the first weekend I haven’t had to work for about 5 weeks.  Next weekend is gone already.

My friend Pete (who lives in the States) and I have been considering setting up a website somewhere for a bit of fun.  If we get it going, I’ll let you know where it is.

I’ve been listening to Friskit over the last few days and it seems pretty cool.  It is a music streaming website and is kind of an alternative to Napster except you don’t have to download anything.  It’s not very big yet but hopefully it’ll grow.

Channel7 relaunched as WellingtonTV a few weeks ago, so I re-designed the website.  The design is a bit more consistent now.

Hamish just got a new job which he starts in a few weeks.  I don’t know if he wants me to tell anyone where it is yet, so if you know him and want to know, you’ll have to ring him up and have a chat. Aidan is overseas at the moment.  He went to LA, Amsterdam and is currently in London I think.

Mandy and Jane just got a new flatmate after their last one (Michelle) was poached by Keryn (another friend of ours). 

Angela and Jason are expecting their first sprog.

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