Cheryl and Hamish (Sister ‘n’ law + Husband) moved into their new house a couple of weeks ago.  It takes 1 minute and 6 seconds to drive there and about 7 minutes to walk.  The interior wallpaint leaves a lot to be desired but I’m sure that wont last long.  They have a huge section which would be good for the dog.  If you want to know where their house is, it’s the one with the windmill.  :)

Aidan Dillon and Judith O’Sullivan (friends of ours) visited us last week, it was good catching up with them again.  Judith writes for NZ Business Times now.  Click here to see her name in lights.  Aidan spent a lot of money at the dentist.  I think he needs to eat more meat.

I think I forgot to mention this…Ian (Father ‘n’ law) was recently made redundant from JL Lennard when they went into receivership about a month ago (he had worked there for about 21 years I think).  Anyway, on the Friday he left work, on Saturday, he was asked not to come back, on the Sunday he was offered a new job and on Monday he started work at that job.  It is pretty amazing, he works for NZ Used second hand goods now and he’s really enjoying it.  He tells us all sorts of stories about what happens at work.

Nothing has happened since my last update on the painting front. We’re starting to do think about renovating the lounge (You’d think we would finish the outside first wouldn’t you!).  If you’ve been to our house, it has a ‘pink’ theme running through it (don’t blame us - we just bought it this way).  The lounge will be the first room we tackle to attempt to rid ourselves from it.

To try out some different design ideas’, I borrowed a computer program from Hamish (Brother ‘in’ law) that does 3D modelling and walkthroughs.  I was quite impressed with it, here is a snapshot of our 3D modelled lounge and here is another one.  Some things aren’t exactly the same but they’re pretty close.  It only took a couple of hours to do this and I can walk through it in real time (using the program I have).  Very cool.  I’ll post some more images to show you what we’re going to do when we’ve decided.

I’m selling some stuff on Trademe at the moment, if you want to buy anything from me, you’ll have to bid on it.  Click here to see my auctions.

Our new addition to the family is arriving soon (no it’s not a baby).  If you want to know what it is you’ll have to EMail me.

I had to work all last weekend so I’m a bit knackered.  We went out to the movies with Geoff and Catherine (friends of ours) on Saturday night to see The Dish.  I quite enjoyed it (Although Hoyts theatres suck because the surround speakers were way too loud - you couldn’t hear some of the main dialog and they were even distorting sometimes during loud effects).

The article in wired magazine about the Jedi Census EMail was published.  Click here to read it.  The originator didn’t end up speaking to the journalist that contacted me. Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.