Cheryl and Hamish (Sister ‘n’ law + Husband) move into their new house this weekend, it should be quite exciting.  They’ll be living just around the corner from us. David Dawber (Friend of ours) is leaving for an OE in Africa and the UK.  Up to 4 years he reckons.

It’s now almost a month later.  I, being an expert in procrastination, have still got the top of that chimney to paint.  Well, at least I’ve undercoated it now.  Luckily I can reach it from the roof without any problems.  And then there’s the garage…. OK, remember how in the goss section on March 30, I reported that I might be getting into some television production?  Well I can now reveal that I have been doing some work for Channel 7 (Regional TV Station).  I’m doing it for free because I’ve always been interested in television and video technology.  Anyway, I created their website.  It’s pretty basic at the moment but it will get better.  If you don’t believe me, have a look at the HTML source on the initial page, one of the first lines says “Web Design: Kent Smith”.  I’m too embarrassed to put my name where anyone can see it.  I did some filming for them a month or so ago.

High speed Internet.  That’s right, I finally splashed out and last weekend the Saturn guys came and installed a cable modem for me.  I got sick of dialling up, engaged signals, slow responses, phone being engaged while I’m surfing, etc.  It has been great so far.  I took the cheapest option (128kb/s) but I can upgrade it to 512kb/s at any time for an extra $15 per month.  So far the speed has been more than adequate for me.

I was contacted by a journalist from Wired magazine yesterday.  Remember that Jedi EMail that was spread around just before our NZ census?  Well, it was sent to me from a guy at work and I posted it in the nz.general newsgroup.  As it turns out, the guy that I work with knows the guy who originated it and received the first iteration of the EMail, I had the second iteration and it spread from there.  The journalist is trying to do an article on it and traced it back to me.  The guy that I work with is now trying to find out from the originator, whether he wants to talk to this journalist first.  I asked the journalist to send me the URL of the article when it’s published, so I’ll post a link to it when I know it.

My motivation to revamp my website has dwindled.  Stuff it.  You can put up with this format for a couple more years. Liz, (A friend of ours) has posted some photos of her wedding and life and stuff.  Natalie and I may or may not be in some of these photos.  Check them out to see:
Wedding Photos, Other Photos.

Gary from our homegroup is engaged to be married.

Janet (friend and border) came home (from Australia) last weekend and stayed with us, she surprised her parents and caught up with lots of her friends.  She came back because a member of her missions team had to leave Australia temporarily to meet conditions set on his passport.  She used this as an excuse to come back and visit us.

Janet is currently touring around the outback of Australia.  She and her team were to go to Rarotonga but finance troubles in her team mean this is not longer possible.  This is her itinerary:
Saturday 28 April: leave Sydney 6am - Stay in Cobar for the night on a church floor
Sunday 29 April: leave Cobar for Broken Hill
29 April - 4 May: Broken Hill
Friday 4 May: Leave Broken Hill for Mildurra
5 May - 15 May: Mildurra
Tuesday 15 May: Leave Mildurra for Lysterfield, Melbourne
16May - 20 May Lysterfield, Melbourne
Sunday 20 May: Leave Melbourne for Maruva
21May - 27May: Maruva
Sunday 27 May: Leave Maruva
28May - 4June: Jervis Bay
Monday 4 June: Arrive back at base

House painting is finished except for the top 1/3rd of the chimney (hmmm, how am I going to get up there?) and the garage (which we have just started).  I’ll load some photos soon. Natalie and I were in Christchurch over Easter, I had to go down for work the following week so we turned it into a bit of a holiday.  We went down on the ferry and train and flew back home.  We stayed at the Courtesy Court Motel for 3 nights and then at Rydges Hotel for 3 nights.

Last week I had to go back down to Christchurch for the week, I have been doing some work at Hertz NZ Ltd.  I stayed at the Airport Hotel / Sudima Grand Chancellor Hotel which is next door to the Antarctic Centre, which is next door to the Hertz office where I worked for two weeks. Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.