Well the website update thing hasn’t happened yet. I might be getting into some television/video production.  Stay tuned.

Baby on the way?  I don’t think so!  A friend of mine saw Natalie (wife) at the Martinborough fair a few weeks ago looking after a baby (Alesha) for a friend (Katrina) while she was shopping.  He apparently told a few people that Natalie and I had a baby, those people told a few people and eventually people started ringing us and the in-laws up to find out when it was born.  Martinborough is renowned for it’s grapevine.

James and Rena have had their first baby.

Cheryl and Hamish (brother/sister-in-law) have bought themselves a house.  Just around the corner from us.  They don’t move in for 9 weeks though.  We are looking forward to car-pooling.  Well, for the first week anyway.

Hamish has finally gone 021 (Vodafone cellphone) and got rid of his evil 025 (Telecom cellphone).  This means a new number for him.  Now I don’t know anyone who has an 025 anymore except for some people at work who only have it because work made them get an 025.  I hate Telecom.

I got my mountain bike out last week for the first time in about three years.  It had a puncture, so I put it away again.  That was lucky.

Still painting the house, just adding finishing touches - then there’s the garage… We had some people (Tony and Evan) stay with us last week from Excel.  They were performed a production at the State Opera House last Saturday and visited schools and churches in the area.  Tony liked staying with us so much, he’s coming back next week until he goes down South.

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