Janet has been boarding with us for the last 10 or so months but is due to leave us to go to Australia for 6 months.  She is doing her DTC (Discipleship Training Course) there.  We will miss her lots when she has gone. Our house is still being painted.  The colour we chose didn’t really turn out to be the colour we expected.  I think it looks OK in the shade but in sunlight it turns purply (it’s supposed to be blue).  My conclusion after all this is, that paint is a complete ripoff and you can never get the colour you want in the quantities you need at a good price.

Still painting the house.  We got the scaffolding we needed from my brother Kieran.  Almost there…. Janet leaves for Australia soon.  :(

We’re currently painting our house, after lots of arguments we’ve chosen the colours and hope to have it completed in the next couple of months.  We have done the roof already but will need a bit of scaffolding before we can paint the exterior walls because they are quite high.  Natalie’s father Ian is doing a lot of it for us.   When we have it finished, I’ll post a photo here, so check back in a couple of weeks.

Over Christmas I put up a bunch of Christmas lights on my house.  I did it last year too but never got ’round to taking a photo.   Thanks to Marty, I now have a photo of them.  Click here to check it out:

We spent Christmas morning with Natalie’s family and had breakfast in Upper Hutt.  Anyone who knows how Natalie’s mother cooks, will know it was a wonderful breakfast. In the afternoon, we went to Waitarere Beach (Between Levin and Foxton) and spent time with my family.  My brothers’ (Kieran) girlfriends’ (Kristina) parents have a batch there where we spent Christmas.  It was very hot but also quite windy.

On new years eve, we went back to Waitarere Beach and saw in the New Year.  The rest of my family weren’t there but Kieran and Kristina were still there.  We stayed the night there.

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