This tunnel is a massive installation of 41,000 LEDs syncronised by computer to play random patterns that never repeat.  It is in Washington DC National Art gallery.  Check out the video on this page.

ipod_bouncerFound an ipod compatible baby bouncer - rocks/vibrates to the music.  The height of laziness / geeks are parents too I suppose.  :) 

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. is against this unjust law - help us

I am very concerned about the changes proposed to Section 92a and c of the Copyright Amendment Act in that, although it has a well intended purpose, it completely undermines a basic human right to be innocence until proven guilty.

The changes will force ISP’s to remove services from anyone suspected of breaking copyright law, without evidence and without trial.

The change proposed will do nothing to prevent piracy as offenders may join another ISP, use fake details or move residence to continue offending. They can also continue to download copyright material, completely undetected, through using secure encrypted connections (VPN, etc). Disallowing Internet access will also penalise innocent parties (other members of a household) that may not have been aware of the offenders’ actions.

The Internet is more and more becoming an essential service and I see this as paramount to legislating that power companies monitor electricity usage, investigate abnormalities and cut off services to those who they suspect may be running a p lab or hydroponic operation; Councils cutting off water to a household because they suspect they are watering some weed; Banks closing accounts because of something suspicious (without police involvement).

NZ already has a system established that deals with those that break the law, it is called the Police and court system. I believe this legislation has been purposely written to prevent copyright infringement coming through the courts. Maybe to save a few $$$ in admin and legal costs, but at what cost to our rights? Is this China?

I also fear the ISP’s will pass the cost of providing this ‘policing’ onto customers at a time when New Zealand needs to reduce it’s broadband charges.

I agree something needs to be done in regards to piracy. BUT THIS IS NOT IT!


Sony Ericsson are soon to realease a phone with a built in 12 megapixel camera.  That rivals most top end cameras available.  A bit skeptical about the lens they will use - probably a $2 piece of plastic for that hazy camera phone effect.  :)

EPOCH time is a Unix time format measuring the number of seconds since the year 1970.  This Friday the 13th (GMT), it will be 1234567890.  This only happens once and a lot of crazy sandle wearing conspiracy theorists are predicting the end of the world.  In New Zealand, it will be Saturday 14th at 12:31pm.  Remember this while you’re having a nice lunch, it could be your last.

OLED displays are cool, here is one that is as thin as a piece of paper and so flexible it even flaps in the wind.  OLED’s are also very energy efficient.  They will start turning up in mobile devices and TV’s soon.

The first operational stealth ship in the world:

I’ve decided to try and post interestingly wierd and yet geeky URLs here when I can.  I’ll try for one a day, possibly more.  I hope you will find it amusing.  Firstup is an old favourite of mine  This is a NZ guy who has created most of the original star wars movie out of ASCII (characters on a keyboard). Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.