Joshua managed to get a photo of himself in the local rag (Upper Hutt Leader) from his gymnatics competition in the weekend.  Hope the fame doesn’t go to his head.  :)


Joshua came 62nd out of the school (mostly older than him) and second in his class.
Ashley did not get a placing as her age didn’t compete for placings.

Added some photos of Joshuas run. Unfortunately Ashleys was a bit earlier in the day and we couldn’t get a camera there.  Ashley did really well though and said it was a very long way.

In the weekend Joshua and Ashley competed in a Gym competition.  They had to perform vault, balance beam, uneven bar, a floor exercise and a jumping/skipping routine.  They both did really well and Joshua won a Gold ribbon (perfect score) for his jumping/skipping routine. 

Joshua had his end of year prizegiving for cricket and got a trophy for the most improved player.  Very proud.


We watched a couple of the Beethoven (dog) movies in the weekend for movie nights.  Great fun movies.  The kids loved them.

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Only one day left to sponsor Joshua and Ashleys school fun run.  They do the run on Monday.  Thanks to all sponsors and we have so far raised $140 for the new playground equipment.  If you haven’t sponsored them yet, please consider this.  No minimum donation and can be done online via the clicking the above link.


Very gusty evening gave me probably my slowest ride home on the bike tonight.  Walking pace some of the way.  Just about blown off several times.  Got hit on the head by what I’m sure was a disposible diaper.  :)  Noticed the absence of other cyclists - perhaps they had more sense.

Friday = ice cream day at work today.  Today I had a Sorriso (chocolate hazelnut gelato).  Awesome!

Going to bed before midnight tonight - probably first time in 2 weeks!  :)  Go, The Blackcaps!

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Pretty busy at work the last few days, lots of people away, etc.  Luckily I haven’t been getting so many interruptions that I normally get so actually feel like I’m making progress  :)

Been riding to/from work again - discovering the wind direction seems to make a huge difference.  Grrrr that wind (and those road bikes with slick tyres).  Broke my chain tonight - hey it’s only 15 years old.  Must be time for a bike upgrade soon.   :)

Found out recently Joshuas been biffing his lunch away at school - not that he doesn’t like it we believe - just he’s too eager to go and play.  Anyway - he did it again today - so we’re trying to come up with a suitable punishment.  Bit of a sticky one really - was thinking of giving him boring lunches - but then he’ll just throw it away again we’re guessing.  The teachers got her eye on him though.  :)

Joshua is doing great at his piano however and is onto level 2 already.  Rebecca is almost walking - can do it if we hold her hand.  Ashley is getting good at reading and math.

I biked home from work today - nice ride in the end - clear blue sky and light wind - was horrible weather this morning.

And I actually got some things done at work today - very little interruption which was very surprising.  Hoping for the same tomorrow.

Era?  I mean series - Flight of The Conchords season 2 finished in the US tonight.  Hope they do another one.  I really like their style of humour.

Thought it would rain today - so didn’t take my bike today - turned out alright in the end and probably could have rode it home.  Bloody weather!

I was on a course last week - so took me all day to get through my work emails.  I had 120 in 4 days not including spam.  Not too shabby.  Sorry if this was you.   Next time I may declare email bankruptcy.

Kids are good - cold here tonight (about 11degC expected to go to 8).

Didn’t really do too much today - Josh had a catch-up (not ketchup) swimming lesson in the morning and did really well.  Took the kids to the Lower Hutt mall in the afternoon to look at toys but in the end just bought socks, lollies and some DVD’s.

Kieran and Kristina (Brother and sister ‘n’ law) came around in the evening and we had a coffee and a chat - very nice.

Intended to go out for a ride on my bike today but checked it over and found a broken spoke was affecting my wheel and brakes so stuck it in the shop to get sorted. It could have happened a couple of weeks ago when I broke my derailleur I guess. I blobbed out in front of TV instead and ate junk food. Yaaay!

Joshua played cricket today - did pretty well and some excellent bowling in his second over and only went for 1 run. They only get one over per innings and they play two.

Ashley had a friend of hers come around to our house today and then we all went and played at Trentham Park.

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