Smokers!  Always annoy me when they stand smoking 1M from a rubbish bin and still have to chuck their butt on the ground.  Last time I looked, this was littering.  Event if there’s not a bin, it’s no excuse to chuck your refuse on the ground. 

Every day outside my work, some poor guy has to sweep up hundreds of the things (next to the bin).  Stop being so lazy - yes it may catch the bin on fire - so stamp it out, pick it up and put it in the bin.  Not hard.  Littered butts normally ends up being washed into stormwater drains and out to sea.  Kids that don’t know better pick them up too.

Adding to this - how many times do you see a smoker biff a live butt out of the car window?  Last time I looked most cars had ashtrays - yes, some new ones don’t.  If your’s doesn’t and your a smoker - get one.  Not hard. Weblog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.