Most things seem to be coming right from my accident - although I still don’t have full mobility in my shoulder back yet.   Would like to get back on my bike though - if I had one.  :)

Tony, Kathryn came around to visit us last night with their kids, Caleb, Anna, Ethan, Sarah and Isaac.  They were down from Auckland. I put a chicken and leg of lamb on the BBQ spit roast with homemade apple pie for dessert. I was going to take a photo for you but we ate it all before that could occur. We talked about old times, played games and the kids watched a movie.  We all really enjoyed having them around.


Today, we went shopping in Johnsonville with Ian and Mary and had afternoon tea at muffin break.  Then we fried stuff for dinner.

Rebecca is doing really well with her walking - she can now do 11 steps on her own and has worked out how to steer her walker around the house rather that going in a straight line until she hits something.

Joshua and Ashley finished school for the term on Friday and are looking forward to their holidays over the next 2 weeks.  They will be visiting their cousin soon.

Rebecca walked for the first time today - she did 4 steps several times tonight.  Aged 13 months.  She’s been able to do one and two steps for a while but we’re hard and don’t count that unless it’s a repeatable series of several steps.  She’s really proud and happy she can do it.  Pretty brave too - when she falls on her face, she doesn’t give up, she gets up again for another go straight away.

I had my checkup at the hospital today for my dislocated arm.  After waiting 80 minutes to be seen (Grrrr!), I can have my arm sling off and can start using it again - Was told to go easy on it for probably the next 4 weeks - and have some physio booked for it.  Unfortunately, still not allowed to drive yet but hopefully may be able to in a week or so again.

Finally got my sister on Facebook!   Yaaay.  Now just working on my brother.  :)

A car hit me tonight on the way home from work.  It happened on Old Hutt Road outside Spotlight Carpark.

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I spent 6 hours in emergency at Wellington hospital - Got a dislocated and fractured shoulder, cut lip and eye, broken nose, grazes on forehead, arm and let, bruised eye and nose, bashed toe - will lose nail.

I had right of way in a cycle lane which runs along the footpath, was passing in front of a car coming out of the carpark which I thought had given way to me (about where the silver one is in the pic) and she accelerated into me.

My arm is back in now but have been told not to use it for 1 - 2 weeks in case it comes out again.


Photos from Rebeccas Party today.  We are all sugar’d out now.

An abundance of pink groceries were bought today for Rebeccas themed party in the weekend.

Joshua had a friend from school today come over and play which was nice. Spent most of the time on the playstation.

Very busy at work at the moment - trying to recruit new staff - Sorted out a couple of major long term annoyances today so hopefully tomorrow will be a little quieter.

I biked 65Km today - looks like the tyres are finally holding up after a couple of flats. Pretty windy on the way home today - probably added an extra 15 mins to the journey.

Looking forward to the long weekend, we’ve got Rebeccas party and taking the family out to a show.



Natalie has started to seriously look at flight to the UK for her cousins wedding. Got a few options so far so is probably just pending some space on the credit card. :)
Weather held off long enough for me to bike home from work. Only managed it twice last week. I had a couple of pneumatic malfunctions last week - got a puncture - fixed it - didn’t inflate properly and got another one the next time I rode after I hit a curbside too hard. :)
If you know of any cheap UK flights - let me know. :)

Rebecca turned 1 today - but has a party this weekend. She got some clothes and a jigsaw puzzle - more to come at the party. She’s still not crawling yet, only freestanding. She has a new tooth though - so that makes 5. Recently learned the ‘m’ sound so can now say mum with great regularity.

We had a water pipe burst under the house today - got it fixed so are now just waiting on the bill to arrive in the mail. :(
It’s a long weekend this weekend which should be cool. Hopefully wont have to work (much).

Getting slack on the old updates here - will try and get back into it.

It’s the school holidays at the moment so I’ve been taking some time off work to spend with the kids.  We had pancakes for brekfast one morning which was fun.  Ashley also did some lovely paintings for us.

Went to Wanganui last weekend (over Easter) - not much to do there but had a nice relaxing time doing very little.  The final easter egg tally was 176.  Yes, that is not a typo!  We still have some left, in fact Natalie used some of the excess to make muffins the other day - rasperry and easter egg muffins.  Excellent.  We’re doing our best to eat the eggs though.  It would be a crime no to.

This weekend Natalie helped Mandy (family friend) move house and it was Kristina’s (sister ‘n’ law) birthday so Natalie went to her afternoon tea with some friends.  Kieran (brother) and my mum and dad came over to see the kids and have a chat.

I slept in a blanket hut with the kids the last couple of nights - it is school holidays at the moment so they get to stay up a bit later than usual.  We watched a movie from within the blanket hut last night.  The Pink Panther.

Tonight Joshua played scrabble against Natalie.  I helped him a bit and he won.  He came up with most of the words himself - I just helped with with some of the high value letter positioning.  He’s a clever wee fella.

Rode my bike home tonight - somewhat a bit darker due to daylight savings finishing.  Saw a guy on a motorbike hit a couch chair on the highway between Ngauranga and Petone.  He rolled about 30m and looks like may have just had a broken collar bone.  The chair was flung into the center lane and obstructing traffic so I pulled it off the road and had to give a witness statement to the cops.  Ambulance karted the poor guy off to hospital.  Appears the chair must have come off someones trailer.  It is not the first time a comfy chair has been used to torture someone.

I was thinking of going to the cricket today - and working via mobile broadband, but the weather wasn’t all that flash and our team kinda started to suck.  :)

In other news, Joshua got in trouble today again for not eating his lunch.  Rebecca fell over and got a bleeding nose.  Ashley fell off the top bunk and hurt her arm and back.  Ian broke a glass in our sink and cut his hand.

Realised I hadn’t published a pic of Rebecca for quite a while - so here ya go.  At McDonalds…

Well, another weekend has gone by.  I haven’t updated my blog for a while.  Been a bit busy (or lazy).

On Saturday, Joshua and Ashley had a sleepover at the gym they go to with about 50 other kids - they god to stay up until midnight, had midnight snacks, played games, built forts out of the gym equipment, etc.  They all had good fun.  Ashley initially didn’t want to stay (and has never spend a night away from us yes) but I wen’t down to pick her up and she was having so much fun she wanted to stay - so that was a big step for her.

I played bass guitar at lifeswitch today, spent the afternoon cleaning the house (in between watching the warriors and the blackcaps loose).  In the evening I stuck a chunk of lamb on the BBQ and spit roasted it - it turned our beautiful - one of the best I’ve done I reckon.

I bought some eggs for easter over the weekend - $45!.  That was only one each for the kids and a packet of marshmallows.  I thought this was supposed to be a recession, speaking of recession, I had a lot of people console me for loosing my job last weekend as I updated my facebook profile to “I got the chop today”.  However it was all cleared up when I explained it was only a haircut.

Last week, Joshua and Ashley chose a prize for their school fun run fundraising.  Joshua chose a handheld video game and Ashley, a swing ball set.  You can come to our house and play with them if you want.

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